Could I see my exam papers? – Helpdesk Training Article

Could I see my exam papers? – Helpdesk Training Article

Outcomes information for Cambridge Assessment English applicants that have currently taken an exam and need feedback to their performance.

Could I see my exam documents?

It is really not feasible to visit your finished exam documents therefore we aren’t able to produce your exam documents or just about any other work you finished in your exam for you. This is certainly an element of the Cambridge Assessment English Regulations, which you are able to view right right right here.

How do I get information on my performance into the exam?

After doing a Cambridge English exam, you will receive a declaration of outcomes. This document offers you a lot of of good use details about your performance into the exam, and it is the level to which we offer feedback with regards to your exam performance. It is really not feasible, for instance, to get detail by detail feedback on individual concerns and/or errors produced in an exam.

From January 2015 B2 First, B2 First for Schools, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency answers are reported utilising the Cambridge English Scale .

A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary, B1 Preliminary for Schools and Business Certificates results have also been reported on the Cambridge English Scale from February 2016 A2 Key.

Exams with results reported using the Cambridge English Scale have actually enhanced variations for the Statement of outcomes , such as:

  • Your result – the grade that is final obtained for the exam.
  • Your current rating – your general Cambridge English Scale score when it comes to whole exam.
  • Your CEFR level – the typical European Framework of Reference degree you realized.
  • Your own component scores – your Cambridge English Scale rating for every for the abilities measured because of the exam; Reading, Writing, Listening sign up, Speaking and make use of of English. With one of these specific ratings you can easier observe how you performed over the exam and which abilities you may want to enhance on.

More information on the Cambridge English Scale can be bought by pressing right here.

Outcomes from pre-2015

Before results had been reported utilizing the Cambridge English Scale, A2 Key, A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary, B1 Preliminary for Schools, B2 First, B2 First for Schools, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency and Business Certificates had been reported utilizing standardised ratings in addition to older type of Statement of outcomes

This document shows:

  • Your outcome, centered on your total rating in all three documents
  • A graphical display of the performance in each paper (shown contrary to the scale Exceptional – Good – Borderline – Weak)
  • Yourstandardised score away from 100, in order to see precisely how you performed. This has set values for every single grade, permitting contrast across numerous sessions for the exam.

You can observe an exemplory instance of a Statement of outcomes prior to the introduction of Cambridge English Scale into the following document: Cambridge English: Key Statement of Results (2014).

You should use our rating converter to compare results reported before 2015 (or February 2016) with Cambridge English Scale scores january.

Nevertheless require help?

If you’ve got any issues regarding the results, please get hold of your exam centre. Your exam centre can provide you advice concerning the outcomes Enquiry process, if you want to query your outcomes.

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