[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE] write something that'll speak to her heart (ENGSUB)

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Dưới đây là nội dung video [HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE] write something that'll speak to her heart (ENGSUB)

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40 thoughts on “[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE] write something that'll speak to her heart (ENGSUB)”

  1. Luisa lcj1025

    Now i see se hyung as a teacher of good words… It's not easy to confess to someone that you really like. The afraidness of being rejected is there.

  2. Patty Rodriguez

    Hola!! Señores productores, yo esperando desde 29 de mayo ep 294 de "my little old boy" donde participa mi guapo favorito, Choi Jin Hyuk…. que día podría ver este episodio?? Gracias y saludos desde México

  3. Britney isallyouneedtoknow

    Haha Jiwon saying "I don't know about Seung Gi but [Dong Hyun's] was worse" haha
    Honestly, whenever the members, particularly Seung Gi, makes Jiwon laugh, I feel a little lighter haha
    Him laughing and smiling makes me smile

  4. Britney isallyouneedtoknow

    Before the reveal, thought Seung Gi's text was Se Hyeong's and vice versa.
    And then for it to be said they both have ways of turning things into jokes to not get too serious. It's really interesting seeing how much they complement each other.

  5. Tatiana Vorotnikova

    Salute !!!!! I love Lee Seunggi very much. I am 100% sure that Lee Seunggi loves me too, as the beloved woman of his life. Lee Seunggi and I, we are meant for each other, so fate decided. Lee Seunggi , i love you !!!!!

  6. Seema Verma

    I really liked lee seung gi's letter not because I like him but he wrote the letter more sincerely and heart fluttering ❤️the ocean part I can feel his emotion what he wants to say ❤️(I think for the last part 😂 when he said hahaha.. was for that girl "sorry i don't know her name" not for hir lover)

  7. acequeencombo

    Hyojung is becoming a recurring member of Master in The House. She's really doing well whenever she appears on the show! Please invite her more often, or even make her permanent if possible.

  8. Mohammad Bobby

    Se Hyung breaking the stereotypes that girls don't want to be together with funny guys because they won't be serious in a relationship! Turns out his message was the most sentimental and meaningful! 😂

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