Clink The Link??? £500 £2 Coin Hunt #15 [Book 2]

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Welcome back today I am continuing the new £2 coin book all over again and this is the latest hunt! I am looking through more £2 coins and in this video I find a whole bunch of nice coins!

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38 thoughts on “Clink The Link??? £500 £2 Coin Hunt #15 [Book 2]”

  1. john3:16 Warren-TAYLOR

    Nice finds man. I find your content very relaxing to watch. Also the uploads r full of key facts which is great for people who are just starting out collecting and want to know more about the coins.

  2. I was collecting all of my rare coins in a little wallet, checked it the other day and half of them have gone missing 🙁
    (Found the one in the thumbnail the other day though)

  3. Archie Scotting

    I have a abolishment of the slave trade coin with the writing upside down and the dots around the queens head seem to disappear half way through do u think it will be worth anything also I have a Florence nightingale coin with upside down writing do you think that one would be worth anything. Hope you see this thanks

  4. Luke Meadows

    this just ruins coin collecting all i are doing is getting tons of coins and picking out the good ones dont see how thats any fun

  5. Ron Burgundy

    I saw the coin in the thumbnail and remembered a time I brought a Tesco meal deal with it and then saw the £500 in the title and put two and two together and almost had a heart attack. So glad it’s not that much I would have cried

  6. I worked at the shop for a while and I dug in the past 4y three real and very rare coins with serious errors,I don`t know how to sell them, when I put them on ebay they disappear in the ocean of coins, Christopher do you know someone who buys coins with errors?

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